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Ukrainian Woman

I am loyal, honest and ready to support whatever happens. I am always active and I like to spend my time actively, I go swimming, I like to cook, and I also go in for sports. I spend my free time with my loved ones for a walk or just at home evenings.

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Ukrainian Woman

My hobbies may be very surprising to you, but due to the fact that I grew up on a farm, my hobbies come from childhood. My father taught me hunting and fishing in childhood, it may be hard to believe, but even now I love to fish.

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Ukrainian Woman

I have had a number of hobbies and interests since my childhood. First, I love spending time with children. And I am glad that my job allows me to do it, and even more so, to help children develop themselves and grow into good people.

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Ukrainian Woman

My favorite hobby is traveling! There's something really special about the excitement of packing your suitcase, exploring a new place, and immersing yourself in different cultures. I love the feeling of anticipation as I plan my itinerary, book flights, and accommodations.

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Ukrainian Woman

My hobby is all about expressing myself through movement and rhythm. I enjoy exploring different styles of dance, from hip-hop and jazz to contemporary and ballet. There's something about the way music and movement come together that really speaks to me.

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Ukrainian Woman

I am a positive, open, and extravert person. I love life and live to enjoy it. I am artistic and creative. In my free time, I adore doing something with my hands. I also love painting. I love painting the beauty of nature, and I greatly enjoy the fact that nature is so magnificent in Calgary!

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